If you can’t work tomorrow, you MUST come to the Backpacker’s reception and fill out a request form by 5pm today.

(SMS is not allowed)

If you did not fill out a request form about your day off at the reception, you will be expected to work.

If you do not receive a confirmation about your day off, then please come to the reception again.

REMEMBER: You will be charge a $30 administration fee if you did not come to the reception and request about your day off tomorrow.


We CAN NOT guarantee work every day because farm work always depends on the weather and working plans by the farms.

Workers usually are bing picked up around 5am from the parking areas of the accommodation buildings.

Work usually starts around 5.30am (Summer starting time can be earlier. Winter starting time can be later).

Work hours finish when the work is completed of the day.


The transport from the backpackers to farms is free service for all of our resident backpackers.


Smoking only allowed in the designated area


Please collect your own rubbish and then dispose of it in the designated bins