Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs will I be able to do?

All jobs are subject to availability and are allocated by our work manager. Our jobs included packing sheds, planting, picking, weeding, preparing fields and general farm hand positions.

What will my wage be?

We only offer our residents hourly paid work and all work is paid casual.

All work is paid in line with Fair Work regulations, currently the minimum for our work is $26.73.

What do you provide upon check in?

We are very minimal with what we provide, we give you a bed on a bunk bed with a clean mattress protector, a clean bed sheet and space to put your kitchen stuff in the kitchen and fridge. Everyone is allocated a shelf space, a space in the cold fridge, shelving in your room and a place to store work boots which corresponds to the room number and letter assigned upon check in.

What do I need to work with you?

You will need a Tax File Number and an Australian bank account to work with us. You also need to have the correct Personal Protection Equipment (PPE); long sleeve high vis, long trousers, steel toe cap boots and a wide brim hat.

I don't have a superannuation account, how do I get paid my super?

If you do not have a superannuation account then we will create a default on for you with SunSuper, Australia’s largest superannuation company. Superannuation is paid at 10.5% of your gross ordinary time earnings and is paid into your super account every quarter.

Will this work count towards my 2nd or 3rd year visa extensions?

Yes, all of our work is eligible for second and third year visa extensions. We also offer 1263 forms for visa extension applications and can assist in helping facilitate you in getting a 408 COVID visa.

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