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Tomato Backpackers is a working hostel designed especially for providing work to international travellers. With an all year round supply of work Tomato Backpackers is bound to have some work suited to you.

Our Story

Tomato Backpackers is the creation of two Korean backpackers who had decided to settle in Bundaberg almost 15 years ago. After gaining the honour of being the first generation of backpackers from Korea who were allowed an extension of their Working Holiday Visas, they were quick to rise through the ranks until they were managing their first packing shed almost 10 years ago. Now Tomato Backpackers has over 30 farms which supply various work from packing, picking, planting, weeding, and field preparation. The crops vary from nuts, legumes, sweet potatoes, and summer fruits to speciality crops such as ginger or garlic.

Our Accommodation

Central & North

Tomato Backpackers has 2 different locations in which you can stay. Our most popular, as well as largest, is our Central property. This is one of the largest hostels in Bundaberg and the newest built. It is conveniently located only a 30 second walk away from the Hinkler Shopping centre across the road.

If you prefer someone a little smaller and quieter then our North property will be perfect for you.  Located only a 4 minute drive from the main city centre and 15 minutes walk from the botanical garden, Japanese garden and a shopping centre, this property is perfect for those who want a little bit of an escape from the city.

Our Work

We offer the greatest selection of work out of all the hostels in the Bundaberg region from packing sheds with over 30 workers to small family farms requiring only 1 or 2 workers a day. At Tomato Backpackers there is a farm for everyone no matter your skill set. 

Our Pricing

Accomodation Fees

North Building

Mixed Dorms (Worker)
1 Day $35.00
2 Days $62.00
3 Days $93.00
4 Days $123.00
5 Days $154.00
6 Days $185.00
7 Day **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $130.00
2 Person Dorm **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $150.00/Person
Private Dorm **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $170.00

Central Building

Mixed Dorms (Worker)
1 Day $35.00
2 Days $78.00
3 Days $97.00
4 Days $129.00
5 Days $161.00
6 Days $193.00
7 Day **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $140.00
2 Person Dorm **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $160.00/Person
Private Dorm **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $180.00

North Building

Private Dorm (Traveller)
Per Night $40
7 Day **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $170               

Central Building

Private Dorm (Traveller)
Per Night $40
7 Day **COVID PRICE SPECIAL** $170                            

Our Reviews

Check out the reviews from some of our previous residents to see what all the fuss is about!

  • S K Avatar
    S K.
    1 year ago - Google

    I'm glad I chose this hostel. Because I always got an hourly pay job, and I got a paycheck and a pay slip without delay. It was easy... read more

    Matteo Spiga Avatar
    Matteo S.
    1 year ago - Google

    Best working hostel in Bundaberg, I done my 88 days here, 35 to 45 hours a week, payment on time every 2 weeks. Best staff

    松倉史佳 Avatar
    1 year ago - Google

    Super hostel.
    I was this hostel for 4 months.The rent was expensive but I got good job everyday and I could save money and I had met a lot of amazing...
    read more

  • Kei Suganuma Avatar
    Kei S.
    1 year ago - Google

    I was at this hostel for a year. Although the rent was high, But I had work every day so I could save money a lot. And last year... read more

    SeYoung Dominic Lim Avatar
    SeYoung D.
    4 years ago - Facebook

    Cheryl Marie Quinlan Avatar
    Cheryl M.
    5 years ago - Facebook

    Had the Grand Tour. Absolutely Amazing. So excited for the Cafe to open 🙂

  • Taka Ohzeki Avatar
    Taka O.
    5 years ago - Facebook

    very good.All hourly wage. many farm here. You can get job.

    Takuto Takaya Avatar
    Takuto T.
    5 years ago - Facebook

    Here is really good hostel, Cause every single receptionist are so kindly, And also Here are lots of nationality people.if you would come here, you can have good experience in Aus.

    Giacomo Jack Mattedi Avatar
    Giacomo J.
    5 years ago - Facebook

    The best hostel in Bundaberg. A lot of work and good pay!

Find Us

Tomato Backpackers

112 George Street, Bundaberg, 4670 QLD

0422 250 985

Tomato Backpackers North

4 Hinkler Street, Bundaberg North, 4670 QLD

0422 250 985



Once you have completed and submitted the form then please allow up to 48 hours for us to advise you of whether we have any vacancies. If we do then we will send to you paperwork to fill out and complete. We hope to see you soon!