Important Information Related to Your Farm Work


Tomato Backpackers Bundaberg

1. TAX FILE NUMBER (TFN) – Unless you have a tax file number you cannot work on the Farm.

1. Every person working in Australia must have a Tax File Number.
2. Your TFN allows the government to keep a record of your earning and taxes paid during your time in Australia.
3. You tax file number will be given to you by the Australian Tax Office.
4. You MUST use your TFN when filling out your tax application form.
5. You MUST declare all income earned on the tax form (It is illegal to not fill in a tax form).

2. FARM WORK– There are 3 types of farm jobs available

1. Summer season starts in October and finishes in December.
2. Winter season starts in April and finishes in September.

• We pack Gourmet tomatoes, Snow peas, Capsicum and Sweet Potato according to their seasons.

1. We pack tomatoes all year round.
2. There is always work to be done (depending on farm orders and good money can be made during heavy work periods).

1. PACKING – $21.61 (including 13% tax) per hour

1. Cherry and grape tomatoes : Packed all year round.
2. Gourmet Tomato, Snow peas, Sweet Potato and Capsicum : Packed Seasonally.

7. FIELD WORK – $21.61 per hour (This payment is no including tax)

1. Field work includes : planting, trimming, bucket setting and placing plastic stakes.

1. SWEET POTATO WORK – $21.61 per hour (including 13% tax) per hour – this is paid weekly by the farm owner.

1. Sweet potato work includes: planting, digging, cutting and packing.


1. We CAN NOT guaranty work every day because farm work always depends on the weather and work ordered by the farms.
2. Workers usually are picked up around 5am from the gate in front of the accommodation buildings.

• Work usually starts around 5.30am (Summer starting time can be earlier. Winter starting time can be later).

1. Work hours finish when the day’s work is completed.


1. PROTECTION: You MUST bring drinking water(Ice water), a lunch box and sunscreen lotion with you each day.
2. SHED WORK: While in the packing shed plastic gloves, running shoes and a farm safety T-SHIRT must be worn.

• FIELD WORK: While working in the field, a Hat and working gloves must be worn.

1. FARM SAFETY T-SHIRT: You MUST wear a farm safety T-Shirt at all times in the shed. YOU can buy your Farm Safety T-Shirt from the Backpackers’ Manager.
2. FOOD & DRINKS: Korean Food and drinks are available for purchase from the vending machine on the ground floor of building #2.


2. Wages are calculated at an hourly rate according to the type of work done (See items 2.A and 2.B).
3. Wages are calculated from Monday to Sunday each week commencing every second week.
4. If you start work after the pay period has commenced, your first wage is paid on the second Monday after you start work. The balance of your wages earned is always paid with your last payment.
5. Wages are normally paid every second Monday.
6. Wages are paid directly into you your bank account


1. Please note that the number on the front of your credit card is NOT your bank account number.
2. Your bank details (BSB – ACCOUNT number) will have been given to you by the bank when you opened your account.
3. The BSB number identifies the Bank, State and Branch where you opened your bank account.
4. Your BSB number is usually 6 digits. (E.g.,064 –403 = Commonwealth bank – Qld. – Bundaberg)
5. Your ACCOUNT number identifies your bank details. Some banks have 6 digits, some have 8 digits and some have 10 digits.
6. The ACCOUNT HOLDER NAME identified who you are. It should be your name EXACTLY as it appears on your passport.
8. REMEMBER: If you write even one wrong number, you will not receive your pay. Your wages will be sent to the wrong account.

5. PAYSLIP (Wage statement – You will be given a pay slip every 2 weeks). This will show you the following information:

1. The starting and finishing dates of your pay period
2. The total hours that you worked for the two weeks
3. The Gross earnings (Total amount earned before tax)
4. Tax amount (The amount of tax paid during the two weeks).
5. Net earnings (The amount deposited into your bank)

6. PAYMENT SUMMARY (Total of all wages earned) – You do need this for TAX returns.

1. This payment summary will be given to you 2 weeks after the END of your employment.
2. You must apply in E-MAIL for this summary: E-MAIL ADDRESS –

7. RENT & PICK UP FEES – (Pick up fees are included with your rent so not extra needs to be paid)

1. Your rent fee is $180 per week. This includes your transport(pick-up), WIFI and electricity (not washing machine charges).
2. Rent should be paid on the Thursday of your pay week (Rent can be paid by credit card or cash.)


1. The security deposit is $200.
2. Your security deposit must be paid with your first rent payment ($360 + $200 = $560)
3. Your security deposit ($200) will be sent as a refund to your bank account after you check out.
4. REMEMBER: You will NOT receive your refund:
1. If you do not give 2 weeks advanced notice in writing to the Tomato Backpackers organization;
2. If you leave the room needing repairs, or missing items; or
•If you lose your key.


1. You MUST give 2 weeks advanced notice in writing of your intention to leave the farm.
2. This written notice must be given to the Backpackers manager WHO will sign and date it.


1. The schedule for each day’s work will be available from 9pm the evening before.
2. You MUST check your work schedule every night.
3. Your work schedule is available from the internet at


1. If you cannot work tomorrow, you MUST let the Backpackers’ manager know by 6pm tonight (SMS is easiest and best way).
2. If you do not SMS the manager about your day-off, you will be expected to work tomorrow.
3. If you do not receive a confirmation about your day off, SMS again.


1. If you need a summary of all your income from the farm, you must send an email to
2. You will need to provide the following information:
1. Full Name (exactly as it appears on your passport)
2. Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

• Exact date for when you started work on the farm and the exact date that you finished working on the farm.

1. Australian Tax File Number (TFN)
2. Include a total amount of money earned (according to your calculation)


1. To receive a summary of all your accommodation receipts, send an email to
2. You will need to provide the following information:
1. Full Name (exactly as it appears on your passport)
2. Check-in date (the date you checked into the Backpackers building)
•Check-out date (the date you checked out of the Backpackers building)


1. To get your second visa, your Australian bank statement must show you have enough money to stay in Australia.
2. You must provide a bank statement as proof of your earning and spending in Australia
1. Use the bank card that you brought with you to open a bank account in Australia
2. Deposit your wages into this bank account (Your wages will show on your bank statement)

• Try to use your Australian bank card more than cash

1. Purchase something with your bank card at least 3 times a week (all purchases are recorded on your bank statement).
1. Keep all bus and train tickets as proof of your travel in Australia (Show these tickets with your Visa application).
2. Keep all your pay slips (You will be given a pay slip each time you get paid)
3. After first contact on-line(, you will need to supply the following documents with your completed 1263 FORM,:
1. 1263 FORM (Your 2nd Visa Application from)
2. Bank Statement (Must show all dates from your first working date to your lasting day on the farm)

• The number of days you actually worked (not counting your days off – You must have proof for more than 88 days work)

1. Payment Summary (Add your weekly payments together to make a total. This is your payment summary. If you have a tax refund, you can use this refund as your payment summary)
2. Accommodation Receipt (Each time you pay for your accommodation you will receive a receipt. A register of all your payments can be printed out for you on request.)
3. Chest X-Ray (This is evidence that you are healthy – You must have a chest x-ray before you complete your Visa application)
• Transport TICKETS to and from Bundaberg (Keep all your flight, bus and train tickets. As evidence of your travelling)
• A photo of you working on the farm (This must include a good image of your face.)
Note #1: Do not send original forms with your application unless asked. Make copies of all documents and send copies only.
Note #2: Send Visa Application by “Express Mail” or by email to the Visa department
Note #3: If you do not get a reply within one month, contact the Visa office (Phone Number: 131881).

5. 1263 FORM (Your 2nd Visa Application from)

1. If you need a 1263 form you must send an email to
2. You will need to provide the following information:
1. Full Name (exactly as it appears on your passport)
2. Starting Date (DD/MM/YYYY) (The date that you started working on the farm)
• Finishing Date (DD/MM/YYYY) (The date that you last worked on the farm)

1. You must apply for your 1263 form at least 3 days before you will leave the farm.

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